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WHY I Do, What I Do... I have a burning desire to reach my highest potential by helping others achieve well-being. To inspire people to prevent sickness and death from preventable diseases. I offer Vemma to give people a way out of mediocrity in their health. As a natural healer in a world of artificial foods, flavors GMO's, I have found a true leading edge wellness company offering an opportunity for abundant health prosperity. My clients come to me asking for a complete nutrition program and a healthy weight solution. Vemma allows me to fulfill my client's requests. My "why", to help people live an ever fuller,freer, more expanded, HEALTHY expression of themselves. Personally, to leave a legacy of well-being, a financial safety net for my grandchildren and a trust fund for the natural healing arts. Read Success Profile


From a crawl to beautiful flight. Our path is alike.

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“I am a happy camper so I guess I’m doing something right. Happiness is like a ****erfly; the more you chase it, the more it will elude you, but if you turn your attention to other things, it will come and sit softly on your shoulder.”
― Henry David Thoreau

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Sweet Release

I only had 10 lbs to release and a little bit of belly bulge.

Day 17 DONE!!!

I wasn't even trying, just drinking the vanilla Shake and the nutritional BodE Burn every OTHER day!!! Really I was just testing it out on myself before recommending it.

I love this, helping people get healthy, easily. This program is not so restrictive nobody will see it through because they feel deprived. As a matter of fact everything tastes great, the exercise is light (of course you can do more), you get a eat whatever you want guilt-free day and you get Chris Powell as a coach.

Sweet weight release!

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Reaching our community with our voice, our face and our Vemma experiences

Wow, I just came back to Vemma. Re-engaging after a 3 year life-quest. Re-engaging with my OWL Media Network video & media marketing program to help my team grow our Vemma business' and reach our goals & dreams.

Today, I asked for a list of the beautiful African American young people on our team so we can help you grow your Vemma business through our OWL Media Network with social media, radio, TV & video content that "looks like us". We are creating relative & relate-able stories and addressing issues that affect our families with our voices and faces to share with our community.

Just this afternoon we shot our first video with Diamond Leader Tony Evans, Star Executive Art Chambers and Star Presidential Rod Smith and myself. It will appear here on my Vemma Blog. So
stick around & hang tight! Effective ways for us to grow our Vemma business and reach our community has finally come.

Let's go grow!

Star Platinum Leader
The lessons I teach are the lessons I live.

"Awaken The Healer Within"

"We inspire our members to overcome preventable disease & premature aging by transforming their body into greater health, more youthful energy and beauty of face & form".

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Vemma, I Missed You!

I've been away for a while building my personal care and consulting business. Some awesome and really great people showed up to assist. My gratefulness is deep for the blessing they are to me. Team Oneness.

During the time I was focusing on my business I tried other supplements and organizations. Admittedly, my search was for something as good as or better than Vemma. Nothing compared.

Real, honest comparison gave me a clarity that lifted all doubt and question, it was like a revelation. I had an awakening. A became filled with a new appreciation for what I had in my hands, for the company and the people who share, care, learn and grow without limit to make a difference, the difference I yearn to make in the world, in my life.

When the call came to invite me to reactivate, I was ready. One of the lessons I learned in my business is, each in their own time, life has her way of bringing us around.

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The Nutritional Stairway of Life

Your “Oneness by Shifa!” Personal Success Plan addresses self-healing, anti-aging and illness prevention along the “stairway of life”.

See wellness at the top of the stairs and death at the bottom. We all choose to be dependent patients or independent owners of our health and healing. Do you realize by the time you develop abnormal findings on lab tests, you are about 70% to 80% on your way down the stairs because that’s when the lab tests can tell the doctor there is something wrong! In most cases the doctor cannot get you back up the stairs because they can only hope to manage your illness by cutting or medicating you.

Who's job is it to get you back up the stairs? That’s right, it’s your job you are the OWNER of your health. By balancing the 5 Domains of Health Mind, Body, Family, Finances & Society you can live a wellness life-style from the top of the stairs.

Committed helping my clients stay or get back ON TOP, I recommend the Vemma Nutrition Program for premium baseline nutrition and Bode for weight loss / management.

This is an excerpt from my ebook "Awaken The Healer Within: Transformational Self-Healing" Download yours free at

Be healthy!

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Testosterone Robbers

What happened? Action man has become inaction man. Sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) is the key player in the who stole the testosterone mystery. It grabs the hormone and runs, and won't let go. The more SHBG, the less free, active, bioavailable testosterone can get out into the blood and then to the cells to do its job.

Its called Andropause, yes the male version of Menopause in women. It's about aging. If I had known I was gonna live this long, I would have taken better care of myself. This quote from Jimmy Durante sums it up. Men take better care of yourselves, please.

Andropause profile: Low Testosterone/High Estrogen. Estrogen is not just in female bodies, men need it too, in smaller amounts to regulate brain function and stimulate sexual function. In andropause, estrogen can overtake waning testosterone to complicate symptoms and raise the risk of prostate issues. Remembers those SHBG's I mentioned? Well, when they bind up the testosterone it activates an enzyme in fat cells that changes testosterone into more estrogen!

What can you do, you ask? Work with your health care professional to monitor hormone levels. Supplement with the highest natural bioavailable vitamin/mineral, antioxidant nutrition program. Reduce Testosterone Robbers: caffeine, alcohol, and sugars. Go organic eat hormone free meats if you are a meat eater. Hit the sack earlier.

Okay guys, that's a start, there is much more. Until next time.

Wanting the best of health, wealth and happiness for you always.

In Harmony, Love and Light

I AM Shifa!

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5 acne, pimple, outbreak-zapping foods

Happy healthy healing day!

As part of our new Healthy Me Magazine launch later this month we are sending you our Healthy Me Healthy Skin Blasts as an introduction to this fabulous and useful resource. Enjoy and grow in wisdom.

We recently caught up with Shifa! and asked her about sharing some of her youthful healthy skin secrets well if you know Shifa you wont be surprised she went straight to the food...

There is a food-acne/outbreak connection
Although a famous 1969 study of chocolate's effect on skin debunked any connection between food and skin problems, dermatologists may have dismissed diet's impact on acne too quickly. Recent studies show that high-glycemic foods such as refined grains and processed sugars!the mainstays of a typical Western diet!may, in fact, trigger breakouts. Shifa says, My skin definitely does not like chocolate, but I love it, so when I give in it shows.

Here's the problem: High-glycemic foods such as french fries, breakfast cereal, white bread, and soda boost blood sugar too quickly!and the pancreas responds by making extra insulin to bring those sugar levels down. As an unintended consequence, the insulin also signals the sebaceous glands to manufacture and secrete sebum, the oil-like substance that's carried to our pores via hair follicles. In proper quantities, sebum is a good thing; it flushes out dead cells and keeps your skin lubricated. But too much causes the bacterium P. acnes to over-propagate and jam up the hair follicle. The result? Whiteheads and blackheads on your forehead, chin, and cheeks.

Now that you've figured out which foods to avoid, you may worry that you'll face serious food deprivation. But rest assured there are plenty of delicious foods that also help fight acne and maintain healthy skin, including:

5 acne-zapping foods
1. Whole grains. When it comes to thwarting acne-causing inflammation, fiber-packed whole grains work like a charm. Whole grains carry a lot of antioxidants, says Shifa. They also stabilize blood sugar and prevent insulin spikes. But be careful when perusing grocery store aisles for whole-grain items!crafty label lingo can make a loaf of bread or box of pasta seem like a healthy choice, when in reality it carries only a small percentage of whole grains. Shifa advises checking a product's nutrition info to make sure it's high in fiber and low in sugar. Even better: Forget wheat and give ancient grains like quinoa and millet a try.

2. Fish (if you eat meat). Heralded as the premiere source of omega-3 fatty acids, cold-water, oily fish are loaded with anti-inflammatory eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). Shifa lauds oily fish such as mackerel, salmon, anchovies, and sardines as the most potent choices for blemish-free skin.

3. Green vegetables. Packed with inflammation-fighting nutrients and loads of antioxidants, most green leafy veggies contain plenty of fiber, which helps slow the rise of blood sugar after eating.

4. Purple and deep red foods. According to Shifa, foods containing anthocyanins are high in antioxidants and help maintain blood flow to the skin, promoting optimum cell turnover (essential for keeping pores clear). Mangosteen, pomegranates, purple carrots, black grapes, and beets are all great choices. Look for high ORAC scores, Shifa suggests 3600 ORAC units a day as a minimum.

5. Green tea. Among its numerous health benefits, green tea also helps keep pimples from popping up. It's chock-full of the antioxidant catechin EGCG, an effective anti-inflammatory. But beware of bottled green tea drinks, which often contain scads of added sugar and calories.

Shifa says, add the Vemma-Verve Nutrition Program for all your vitamins, minerals, mangosteen, aloe vera, and green tea then watch you hair skin and nails perk up with life growth and luster. A professional facial treatment is mandatory for great skin for the long term at least once a month. Call and come see our Esthetician Octavia at Zoe Nail Salon & Spa for an all natural facial experience. Here's the # 704.333.9572

For more info about any of our Oneness Wellness Healing Arts Group - Healthy Me Magazine, Oneness by Shifa! Natural Skin Care, Oneness Natural Healing Services and the Vemma-Verve Nutrition and Energy Program or Zoe Nail Salon & Spa visit us at

In the Healing Love, Wisdom & Power of Oneness with One-another,

Keeping natural healing within reach. Improving our tomorrow today.

Oneness Wellness Healing Arts Group, LLC

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Lots of Liquids: My Juice Journey

I'm like you seeking for greater well being, youthfulness and beauty. I was taking a liquid at the time and had found ORAC value information and health benefits in juice drinks. Like me you've seen them I'm sure. There are berry drinks, and fruit drinks, tea drinks, herbal drinks, exotic drinks and we can't leave out the $5 billion energy drink market. I started to see how the beverage and wellness industry was turning toward the liquid trend. Finding out these drinks and juices are what are called niche products on the selves or in the hands of our friends and family. Many companies are capitalizing on the growing trend toward, increasing popularity and convenience of a liquid delivery system.

So I had my work cut out for me as a natural healer and lifestyle guide. How do I responsibly decide which will help my clients, friends and loved ones gain truly greater health with all the industry clamor and hype. Working with people I also realize most people are in a state of such poor health from neglect of proper personal care and eating deficient foods almost anything they take will get them some improvement. However, knowing this, some improvement was not what I was after or comparing, I expected at least that much.

My commitment to those who choose me for guidance is to take them as far as they are willing to go toward perfecting their health, aging youthfully active and beautiful. That means more than just getting some improvement.

First, I prayed for a simple yet complete solution to help people feel great without all the bulk herbs, fasting and juicing, colonics and the routine which I still use and respect, after all that's what the natural healing model has grown up on. But, because people coming to me for the most part were not willing to make those efforts or take the time or spend the money to do it that way I needed a program that would fit with their fast paced, New South lifestyles.

Then I went after the science comparisons, seeking the nutritional balance of vitamins and minerals in the amounts that could help the body restore cellular health and repair damaged tissue. It had to help digestion, bowel management and cleanse cellular waste. Having worked with medicinal grade essential oils having free radical scavenging ORAC (oxygen radical absorbency capacity) scores above the million mark (clove oil is one) surely the antioxidant values had to be superior. Oh yeah, and taste, it had to taste great too because folks are not trying to take something nasty everyday.

Soon a stranger (now friend) walked into our wellness center with what I now absolutely know is the answer to my seeking and prayers. He told me he had the most complete liquid nutrition program available anywhere today. Well, I didn't believe that, how did this guy get it and was bringing it to me? Quickly getting pass my arrogance and preconceived idea about how it would come to me, I studied it for weeks, took it myself for a month, visited with the company's owner at a San Diego event. He is authentic from the heart. Then the real trial, I put my clients on the program and the testimonies still blow me away.

That was almost 3 years ago and I am more impressed than ever and thankful with a grateful heart for the results of my juice journey.


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